Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Photo. Eh.

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MarkKB's Blog Tue Aug 24 2006

I missed the class photo. Yay.
At least I feel a lot better knowing someone, somewhere, missed theirs too. Yeah...
I blame my bed. Drat you, bed! And my clock which is four hours behind. Cliché, blaming the clock, I know, but eh.

Anywho, I'm planning to wipe Fedora off my main computer (read: the computer in my room who's monitor is currently decapitated because of my brother wanting to play networked AOEIIx 2v1 [i.e. he and his friend vs. me] and we can't find an extra monitor for the second computer) and install SuSE on it. (Fedora and SuSE are distros of Linux.) Maybe SuSE will network with the other two computers and my laptop better than Fedora... but I'm not holding my breath. (Yes, I always make a point to install SAMBA...) I'll tell ya guys how it works out! Not that anyone will read it...