Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Website: <Ctrl><Alt><Bkspc> About page, banner and other stuffs updated

I’ve just updated quite a few things on <Ctrl><Alt><Bkspc>’s little slice of my website. Here’s what’s new:about

  • Updated About page: the About page now has much better images and somewhat better descriptions.
  • New banners: The comic now has header banners, not unlike a whole lot of other stuff on my website.
  • Changed navigational links for the latest comic: Hopefully this will prevent any navlnkaccidental clicks to sketch-land. ^^
  • Fixed a bug with the sidebar for the “Truth” archive page.

You can visit the <Ctrl><Alt><Bkspc> website at http://markk-b.sitesled.com/stuff/cab/.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Website: Updated Links page

Did I hear that you desired MOAR LINKS? What, no? Oh well, I’ve now updated the Links page with four moar links.

(I’ve also fixed that annoying layout bug that left gaps all over the place, and I’ve even updated some of the images so they ish look moar betterer.)

Anyway, you can check out my links page at http://www.markk-b.sitesled.com/links/ http://www.markkb.com/links/. The new links are:

Check ‘em out, won’t you?

Updated 14/07/2013 to fix broken links.

Animation: Their Princess Is In Another Castle

O hai. I has an animation over at YouTube. It's rough, but I hope it gets the idea across.

[Edit: I should probably point out that the video has nothing to do with Mario beyond the title, which is more of an analogy than anything else.]

(The address at the end reads http://markk-b.sitesled.com/stuff/fanfic/ http://www.markkb.com/stuff/fanfic/, for those who find it too small to read.)

Basically, this is a draft for a trailer for a fanfic I’m rewriting right now. Those who have read my fanfics over at FF.Net will know what scene this video portrays. Otherwise, I hope I can surprise you guys!

Updated 14/07/2013 to fix broken links.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Website: Updated sidebar style

sidebarJust a heads-up – I’ve updated the sidebar for a lot of the pages on my website. Here’s what’s new:

  • Sections: the sidebar now provides sections of links relevant to the section, subsection or overall category.
  • Icons: the Software sidebar now has icons for each of the programs listed.

I’ve also updated the Software Updater and Flash Card pages with more infos, and updated the Frequently Asked Questions page, since it was getting a bit stale.

There’s still a bit more stuff I’m planning to do with the site over the coming few weeks, so stay tuned.


Updated 14/07/2013 to fix broken links.