Saturday, January 27, 2007

New year. Eh.

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MarkKB's Blog - Sat 27 Jan 2007
OK, I know I need to make a point to update this blog more. I'll try to do that, K?
what's new?
  • For those who've been wondering where I got to for the last week, I've been in limbo. Actually, I've been trying to reinstall Windows XP. Fresh install didn't work. Tried installing Windows 2000 first - it wouldn't at first, but then it did. Hello 16 colours and 800x600. Bleh. So I've been booting into BartPE for the past week (works perfectly, 'cept there's no sound). And yesterday we tried swapping the DVD-RW with a CD-RW we had lying around - it worked. Eh.
  • School on the 7th of Feb. NCEA. Oh, goody.
  • I'm thinking of doing a little thing on YouTube - actually I've been thinking of it since 'round late November. Tell ya more later.
  • Work on my website has taken a back seat, as have Project Nelson. I've been working a bit on meh fics, but other than that, I've been browsing on Slashdot or clicking every link I don't know about on Wikipedia. Eh.
  • Got ringworm. Got anti-fungal cream. Delightful.

Thanks for tuning in! I look forward to seeing some of you back at Massey on the 7th.