Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Age Before Intellect

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MarkKB's Blog - Sun 12 Sep 2007

I've updated my website. 'Tis at Yays.

OK, here's the other anecdote I promised earlier:

Mrs. Donnell, our English teacher, was talking to us about our upcoming external exam (1.6 - Unfamiliar Texts), and during this talk she revealed that she had started high school in 1975. It was at this moment that one of my fellow learner-peoples felt the uncontrollable urge to utter the following:

Wait, that means you're older than me!

'Cause everyone knows 12 is a popular age to start teaching...

I have not posted the above mentioned student's name for a reason. Please, no guessing, no telling, and no mean words.

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