Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Mornings Do To You

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MarkKB's Blog - Sun 26 Aug 2007

I know, it's been a long time since my last post, but from now on I'll try to post with more regularity.

Having said that, I have two rather interesting anecdotes that I'd like to share with you guys... but I'll save the second for later. First, something from Tuesday about two weeks ago.

Well, I was late.
OK, I know, no surprise there. But this time I was super-extra lateTM, and so was told by Mr. Van Niekirk (the Te Henga dean, who was at that time performing a crackdown on lateness) told me to go to the sign-in window.

Now, the sign-in window is on the side of the office block opposite to the one facing the street. Most people take the (literal) high road/pavement, which went directly past said window; I, however, usually walk down the driveway and then up the stairs. I really don't know why. Map of front of school

Here's a map to illustrate. The 'most people' route is in red, while my way is in green. Not to scale, if you're wondering.

Well, anyway, I set off down the driveway, and after a few moments, Mr. Van N. shouted for me to go to the sign-in window. I shrugged my shoulders and continued. When I was about halfway to the stairs, he shouted again. But it wasn't 'till the third time that it clicked.

He thought I was going to class.

After shouting back something that resembled "I'm going this way!", I continued down the driveway, up the stairs, and to the window.

This post is not meant to be hurtful to anyone. Please don't take it the wrong way, and, if you guys comment, please don't say mean things about anyone.
Oh, and sorry if I spelt Mr. Van N.'s name wrong.