Thursday, November 03, 2005


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'Ello! I'm Mark Kéy-Balchin (pronounced BELL-chin, NOT, as some people seem to think, BELCH-ing...), but ye all can call me MarkKB. Or, better yet, simply Mark.
Who am I? Simply put, I'm a geek. An average, ordinary, everyday geek. *pause* Yeah, right, like a geek will ever be ordinary!
What do I like? 1) Computers. 2) Computers. 3) Computers. 4) Programming computers. 5)Playing games... on meh computer. As you can see, I'm a major computer geekarado. I use Visual Basic and Visual C# regularily. (If you don't know what those are, then you're better off not knowing, least you slip into the dark, slimy depths of geekdom.) I also play Age of Empires, and would play AOEIII Trial regularily if it were not for the fact that it doesn't run on teh main computer (stupid graphics card...)
Did I tell you I have a website? No? Well, mosey on down to! I'm preparing gor a major update, so be sure to check in every month or so...
My second equal interests are as follows: Music, Art, Prose. (You thought I was gonna say science , physics and astronomy, didn't ya, didn't ya! Come on, admit it!) I love singing, though public opinion about aforementioned singing is split: Some think I should go on NZ Idol, and assuming I did, that I would win, and some think that it's some type of crazy new punishment the Board of Ed. thought up.
Art... I prefer CGI (no fumes to inhale) to acrylics. I use a variety of programs to achieve what I want, ranging from Microsoft Paint to Jasc... I mean, Corel Paint Shop Pro, through Macromedia... er, Adobe Flash MX, to Paint.Net and Inkscape. Don't make any sense to you? Oh well...
Prose! (In case yeah don't know, 'prose' is a fancy word meaning 'non-poetry'.) I mainly write fanfiction, and of cause, you can read them at my page on FanFiction.Net.
Third equal is science and geography. I used to be an astronomy nut, but then, one night, when the moon was full, I was bored, and there was nothing else to read, and so I picked up Windows 95 for Dummies... and the rest is history. I'm still greatly interested in astronomy (anyone who tries to tell me that the moon does not rotate had better watch it!), and every now and then I peek in the Cassini/Huygens website (space probe to Saturn).
Geography really is hand in hand with art, and alot of my classmates (that is, the two or three that peak over my shoulder whenever I'm at work on a piece) have remarked on meh maps' similarity with the base map. (This is without tracing, too!)
There is a whole lotta other stuff I like, but right now I'm kinda tired and thus shall now retire to bed. Night, y'all!